W(h)ither Community: Locating participatory approaches to ICT-enabled health and development

  • Ian Pringle Commonwealth of Learning
Keywords: Community-based approach, Health Communication, Participation, First Mile


Around the world, community-based approaches to promote better health and development using information and communication technologies, particularly those concerned with facilitating health and development literacy and social and behaviour change, face significant challenges. Access to resources, e.g. skills and funds, is but one of those obstacles; deeper, more fundamental challenges also persist.

The article identifies three key reasons why particpatory community-based appraoches have yet to make into the mainstream of health and development planning, citing examples from Malawi and the Solomon Islands.

Author Biography

Ian Pringle, Commonwealth of Learning
Ian Pringle is a communication specialist with 25 years of experience in Asia, Africa, Canada, the Carbbean and the Pacific. After a decade in South Asia and at UNESCO Paris, Ian returned to Canada to work with the Commonwealth of Learning as Edcuational Communication Specialist and where he directs the oraganisation's Healthy Communities initiative. Ian holds a Masters in New Media and Society from the Unversity of Leicester.
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