ENCITE: A model to help Voluntary Organisations use ICT effectively

  • TJ McDonald WIT
Keywords: Voluntary Organisations, ICT, Models


Local Voluntary Organisations (LVOs) play an important role in Irish society. LVOs can be based on community, political, sporting, recreational or civil needs. These organisations facilitate information dispersion, social interaction, employment creation and service provision in communities. However, many of these LVOs are struggling to exist and maintain their role in Irish society; one of the primary reasons for this problem is their reluctance to embrace and use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) effectively. Voluntary organisations need help to identify a role for ICT and to subsequently design and develop technical solutions. The ENCITE model will facilitate Irish LVOs to plan and design applications that will support their operation and empower their members.


Author Biography

TJ McDonald, WIT
TJ Mc Donald is a lecturer at Waterford Institute of Technology with over 20 years experience in teaching ICT modules and supervising and mentoring Information Systems. TJ was awarded a PhD from Trinity College in 2012 for his work on developing a model to facilitate Irish Voluntary Organisations use ICT effectively.
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