ICTs and Community and Suggestions for Further Research in Scotland

  • Anna Malina
  • Ian W. Ball
Keywords: ICT & community, digital divide, civic participation, urban regeneration, e-government, e-democracy, electronic community networking, societal implications of community technology, community development, strategies for digital inclusion, community learnin


This paper reviews previous research exploring the significance of community based information and communication technologies (ICTs) for routine daily life. The paper then summarizes strategies and plans to develop ICTs in communities throughout Scotland. Short case studies of two different programs in Scotland are examined, and recent findings from assessments of these projects considered. Aspects of sustainability in relation to ICT and community are then examined. Finally, the paper suggests need for more collaborative research and more in-depth empirical work to clarify the implications of new relationships developing between ICT and community. Empirical research and critical analysis will help broaden understanding of Community Informatics by informing policy makers, practitioners, researchers and communities. In turn, greater knowledge about the significance of new technologies may help support community based technologies in a more sustainable fashion.
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