Position Paper: Turning the Corner with First Nations Telehealth

  • Geordi Kakepetum


Keewaytinook Okimakanak Telehealth Services is an important contributing partner in the development and sustainability of community networks in remote First Nations across northwestern Ontario, Canada. In the past, community members were flown to the nearest hospital to receive medical attention or to consult with a specialist. Today, more and more of these trips are being avoided with the installation of the proper broadband infrastructure and the effective use of telemedicine tools. The "Turning the Corner with First Nations Telehealth" document highlights the achievements and impacts of these services on the communities participating in this pioneering work. As the Government of Canada and national Aboriginal organizations develop strategies to address the critical health care system, this paper describes the highlights of a community-based health care initiative that is making a difference in the lives of community members.
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