Overnight Internet Browsing Among Cyber Café users in Abraka, Nigeria

  • Esharenana E. Adomi
Keywords: Internet browsing, Internet use, Higher education, Nigeria


This paper is a survey of overnight browsing service use in cyber cafés located in Abraka, Nigeria. Data were collected by means of questionnaire from 61 clients who were in 5 cyber cafés to make use of the overnight Internet access service, while frequency counts and percentages were used to analyze the data. It was revealed that a majority of the users (59%) were males, the age range of 21-25 ranked first (50%) as users of the service with students as the major users. It was also discovered that 60.7% of the respondents use the overnight Internet service to enable them have enough time to explore the services and resources of the Net; computers/internet response ranked first as a factor which determine the cyber café used for the service, 68.8% of them seek information to supplement their course work during the overnight service but sleep is a constraint faced by most of the clients followed by inability to open some sites/web pages. It is recommended that cost of internet access be reduced to NGN30.00 per hour to encourage cyber café users to use the internet for long duration during the day and individuals/organizations should archive their documents/files to prevent site disappearance.
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