Tomorrow’s Seniors: Technology And Leisure Programming

  • Lynda Jeanine Sperazza, Ph.D., CPRP
  • Jason Dauenhauer, Ph.D., MSW
  • Priya Banerjee, Ph.D.
Keywords: leisure, recreation, programming, technology, aging


As the Baby Boomers turn 65, there will be two cohorts of older adults with potentially different perspectives and expectations toward recreation and leisure. Because society demands the use of technology, recreation providers are challenged to fulfill the needs of two different cohorts that share the age of retirement. This study describes how Boomers and seniors utilize technology within a master-planned senior living community setting. Boomers report being more engaged with technology to remain socially connected with friends and family, especially female Boomers. Seniors are utilizing technology, but less frequently, especially Senior females. Recommendations for recreation professionals are provided.

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Sperazza, Ph.D., CPRP, L., Dauenhauer, Ph.D., MSW, J., & Banerjee, Ph.D., P. (2012). Tomorrow’s Seniors: Technology And Leisure Programming. The Journal of Community Informatics, 8(1). Retrieved from