Community-based learning: A model for higher education and community partnerships

  • Peter Day University of Brighton
Keywords: Active citizenship, community development, community empowerment, community informatics, community learning, community media, community voice, social capital.


This paper presents a model of community-based learning partnerships, developed at the University of Brighton, for consideration by Higher Education as a means to securing effective community informatics engagement.  The absence of funding and time to pursue research proposals required me to be creative in continuing collaboration with our community partners of funded research projects. It is suggested here that the academic curriculum together with the resources and goodwill of a UK university can support both the formal requirements of HE student learning and the more informal learning needs of community practice through the development of community media/informatics learning partnerships. This is the first in a series of papers to be written that share the story of community-based learning experiences at the University of Brighton. Our purpose is to engage in meaningful community Informatics/media research and practice partnerships with a view to contributing to knowledge whilst affecting social change. A number of preliminary community informatics/media partnership activities are introduced through the joint lenses of community empowerment and community development. The significance of community voice and community learning in facilitating and enabling active citizenship and empowered communities through community informatics practices is also explored.

Author Biography

Peter Day, University of Brighton
Senior Lecturer, School of Arts & Media
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