Introduction to the Special Issue: Research in Action for Community Informatics: A Matter for Conversation

  • Matthew Allen Internet Studies, Curtin University
  • Marcus Foth Queensland University of Technology
Keywords: Conversation, Research Methods, Action Research


In this introduction to the special issue on research in action, we briefly outline an argument concerning the importance of conversation,suggesting that, first, conversational uses of ICTs make them most suitable for community informatic development, and second, that their effective adoption and research requires conversation for that process to be effective.

Author Biographies

Matthew Allen, Internet Studies, Curtin University
Matthew Allen is Professor of Internet Studies, Curtin University. Matthew has worked at Curtin University since 1994, establishing and sustaining a program of Internet research and education from 1999 onwards. Matthew is an innovative educator, a Teaching Fellow of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and is currently researching the link between student learning and online knowledge networking. He is also a critic and researcher of the social uses and cultural meanings of the Internet, most recently analysing the development of Web 2.0 and also writing on Internet connectivity. He served as President of the Association of Internet Researchers from 2005-2007. He is the author of several articles and papers on things Internet, as well as on television, popular culture and Australian history.
Marcus Foth, Queensland University of Technology
Associate Professor Marcus Foth is founder and director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab and is Principal Research Fellow with the Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology
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