Vol 4, No 2 (2008)

Special Issue: E-Governance and Community Informatics

Table of Contents


E-Governance and Community Informatics: Developed and Less Developed Country Experiences HTML
Michael Gurstein


E-Governance in the Developing World in Action HTML
Arjan de Jager, Victor van Reijswoud
eFez Local Good Governance Outcomes in a Developing World Context HTML
Driss Kettani, Michael Gurstein, Asmae Elmahdi
Community Networking and Civic Participation: Surveying the Canadian Research Landscape HTML
Graham Longford
Examining the 'e' in government and governance: A case study in alternatives from Bangalore City, India HTML
Veena V. Raman
Visualisation Techniques For Facilitating Stakeholder Decision Making In Urban Planning HTML
Andrew J Rixon, Stewart Burn

Notes from the field

Citizen-centric E-Governance Project in Uttaranchal, India HTML
H. K. Verma, H. Sinvhal, V. K. Nangia, J. D. Sharma, V. Kumar, A. K. Pant
Using Text/SMS for an Online Database of Election Returns HTML
Roberto S. Verzola


Utilization of Electronic Government Services in Mexico: A Matter of Trust HTML
Celene Navarrete
مبلمان اداریصندلی مدیریتیصندلی اداریمیز اداریوبلاگدهیفروشگاه اینترنتیگن لاغریشکم بند لاغریآگهی استخدامآگهی رایگانتبلیغات کلیکیآموزش زبان انگلیسیپاراگلایدرساخت وبلاگ

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